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Here are some dates for your diary!



Tax Filing Deadline

This year 2008 it falls on a Tuesday so extension is unlikely.



Federal Election Calendar

For Massachusetts

Ballot filing deadline: June 2008

Primary election date: September 2008








Hebrew Senior Life has 457M Expansion

The NewBridge on the Charles development project in Dedham Ma is underway and they need from us a telephony solution for the short term. Already one Asterisk system is proving very capable in a rugged environment of widely separated development trailers in a partially wooded  area. Some sort of wireless connectivity will be the answer before the in ground conduits for fiber networks are built.



Auto email Solution

Pages Market has asked us to provide auto email responses to inquiries on their web site but we being careful not to get caught in today's spam issues. Hosting their mail server will be a challenge.

Rob 26-Jan-08


By end 2008

Microsoft New Products

Significant product releases Microsft will have in 2008.


The trouble is, not all the products are guaranteed to be available on their official launch date, making it more of a marketing event than anything else. Visual Studio 2008 still is on track to be released by the end of 2008, though a delay of that product is not out of the question given Microsoft's track record. And while there's a chance that Windows Server 2008 will make it to business customers by Feb. 27 (Microsoft has not specified when in the first quarter it will be available), SQL Server 2008 is not due until at least June 30